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With Neo4j, we explore complex connections in data, providing deep insights and revealing hidden business opportunities.

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Ensures a secure and scalable data infrastructure, enabling real-time analytics for quick decisions.

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Microsoft Corp.

Offering secure and cutting-edge solutions to digitize and automate processes, improving operational efficiency.

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A leading global platform for AI, systematizing the use of data to achieve exceptional business outcomes.

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Dynamics Quality Services Consulting Group SL

It is our key ally to implement or enhance our technological solutions with Microsoft infrastructure.

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Our Data Analytics and AI solutions apply to the entire value chain, functions, and ecosystem of your organization. Always focused on tangible results, integrated with existing processes, and scalable with your company.

Here are some examples of our solutions

Icono de relaciones entre círculos de diferentes tamaños
Icono de relaciones entre círculos
Icono de un planeta con tres anillos que lo orbitan, representando el alcance global o el impacto universal de la misión de una organización
Icono de relación entre diferentes círculos
Icono de 4 círculos relacionados con un círculo central de mayor tamaño
Icono de varias relaciones entre dos putos
Icono de un cosa relevante interconectada con otras menos relevantes
Icono de un cosa relevante interconectada con otras menos relevantes
Icono de productos y servicios número 44
Icono de productos y servicios número 45
Icono de productos y servicios número 46
Imagen de una versión de una mujer del futuro
Logo Vigilancia 360​

360-degree Surveillance

Data Acquisition and Modeling

360-degree Surveillance

Logo Vigilancia 360​

360-degree Surveillance

Imagen de personas trabajando frente a una gran pantalla con datos
Logo Enriquecer


Enriching data with Predictions, Recommendations, and more.


Logo Enriquecer


Imagen de una persona protegida con materiales médicos (mascarilla, gafas, gorro)
Generador Contenido​

Content Generator

Transforming knowledge into content.

Content Generator

Generador Contenido​

Content Generator

Imagen de gente trabajando frente a ordenadores
Logo Transmitir Conocimiento​

Knowledge Transmission

Delivering knowledge to the right place at the right time.

Knowledge Transmission

Logo Transmitir Conocimiento​

Knowledge Transmission

How we do it

Our approach is gradual to ensure total alignment of the solution with your needs and the attainment of tangible results. This approach will give you the opportunity to see short-term results while building your confidence in the process and reaping benefits for your company.

Depending on the quantity and quality of available data, or the need to generate new information, the typical process consists of three phases that build upon each other.

Specific need to address

In this step we identify the specific needs of the client to tackle them properly and offer the best solution. After we have identified the needs, we follow a simple process consisting of 3 phases:

Icono de seis círculos interconectados formando una red, simbolizando la fase de identificación de necesidades concretas en un proceso de desarrollo o implementación
# 1
Icono de un plano abierto con un gráfico de barras ascendentes

Proof of Concept


Demonstrate effectiveness, evaluate accuracy, and quality.


1 - 4 weeks.


Data/Documents samples.

# 2
Icono de dos cubos, uno dentro de otro con flechas direccionales en expansión



Partially implement the solution.


2 - 8 weeks.


More Data/Documents samples.

# 3
Icono compuesto por varias líneas que conectan puntos alrededor de una caja central



Implementación completa y despliegue completo de la solución.


+8 weeks.


More Data.

Series of unique competencies that set us apart

Imagen de código informático
Icono representando la recolección de datos, con un embudo y números binarios

Data Collection

  • Sensors
  • Equipment
  • App
  • unstructured
  • Web-Scraping
Imagen puntos lumínicos interconectados
Icono simbolizando la gestión de datos, mostrando un cerebro con circuitos

Data Management

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Quality
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Enrichment
Imagen de un circuito informático
Icono que representa un modelo de inteligencia artificial, con una pila de cilindros que simbolizan una base de datos y un diamante que indica valor

Inteligencia Artificial Model

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Large Language Models
  • Tecnología Grafos
Imagen de luces moradas haciendo triángulos con efecto infinito
Icono de visualización de datos con un portátil mostrando un gráfico de tendencias

Data Visualization

  • Business Intelligence
  • Smart Info
  • Data Navigation
  • Data Discovery

About Us

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics have been with us for many years. However, it has been the recent emergence of Generative AI that has put these tools on the strategic agenda of organizations.

At Connecthink, with 8 years of history, we are pioneers in the application of AI in all its modalities: machine learning, deep learning, and Generative AI.

It's the only thing we do, and we do it very well.


  • Bold Innovation
  • Boundless Collaboration
  • Technological Empowerment
  • Radical Transparency
  • Work-Life Balance

Icono que presenta una estructura de nodos interconectados alrededor de un núcleo central, representando la interconexión de los valores fundamentales de una organización


Draw a future where artificial intelligence and data analysis are intrinsically aligned with human well-being.

Icono compuesto por una serie de eslabones o nodos interconectados formando una red molecular o atómica, lo que representa una visión interconectada y avanzada


Drive the transformation of industries and improve people's lives through innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Icono de un planeta con tres anillos que lo orbitan, representando el alcance global o el impacto universal de la misión de una organización


We are a young, diverse, and multidisciplinary team - data scientists, AI programmers, full-stack developers - led by two leaders who are experts in the field of AI technology and in business strategy and processes. We are at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution through advanced use of generative AI and machine learning.

If you are passionate about artificial intelligence and seeking a space where your tech talent can shine, we invite you to join our project.

We not only offer employment, but also a laboratory of ideas, an environment of constant learning, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the ever-changing boundaries of technology.

Foto de Xavier Blanch

Xavier Blanch

Founder & Chief Enablement Officer

Xavi is responsible for the team developing solutions that excite our clients and overseeing projects through to implementation.

Xavi is an AI pioneer with over 20 years of experience in AI and Data Analytics projects and solutions, both in large multinational corporations and consulting firms.

Foto de Pau Molinas

Pau Molinas

Partner & Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Pau oversees Connecthink's growth, ensuring that we work with the best and most satisfied clients, resources, and internal processes.

Pau combines executive experience in a large multinational corporation with consulting and entrepreneurship in several startups. An expert in strategy, operations, and talent.

We are looking for Talent

Connecthink is looking for innovative talent to join our diverse and creative team. We offer a dynamic environment to grow and make an impact. Explore our vacancies and start your adventure with us today!

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